Fukuroshiki's founding story

Entry from August 22nd, 2021

This is a story of many mistakes, many obstacles and incredible outcomes. One of resilience, luck and sustainability.  Yet, if one word should describe the birth of Fukuroshiki is serendipity.  

“You need to come to this planet with the idea that when you leave it, it should be a better place.” The words of my grandfather 
My story is a story of change. 
I have been very lucky to live and study in many countries, and experience many jobs - from finance to hospitality, marketing, and countless other things.  While this gave me a broad perspective and experience across different cultures and industries, it also translated into coming in and out of jobs, making bad decisions, feeling unsettled and not really feeling a calling about my professional life.   
Things began to change in 2017. I moved to Rome to study a masters degree in International Cooperation and Developing Economics. The idea had always been lingering in the back of my head, but it was then that I realized I had to and wanted to do a lot more for the environment than I was doing. 
I decided to observe what I was spending most of my time doing, in a research of what my passion was. I love watches, always had, and the idea of recycled watches made out of plastics from the ocean started buzzing in my head. Thus, I decided to match my passion to my profession, and create my own job. 
Look and behold, a 28 year old spanish kid wants to start a watch company! But it was not just a watch company, It would be a recycled watch company. My odds were not in my favor - I had no money, no experience in that industry, and I was living in a country definitely not known for watch manufacturing (nor entrepreneurial spirit).But, I decided to give it a go, and man, I learned a ton! I met many new people with whom I have exchanged talks, ideas, and a vision towards a better world made by us. I learnt about different materials, manufacturing methods, and design.  
Serendipity moment #1: This led me to meet Anatoli, an old buddy from Berlin, and his wife, Alice. They had recently moved to Madrid. We started hanging out and I eventually talked to them about the watch project. They had this look on their faces. A blend of surprise and worry. I bet they were thinking, “this dude is telling us about making recycled plastic watches? Good luck!”
And guess what happened? It didn’t work out. I was way over my head, but kept on moving forward.  From the knowledge acquired throughout months of research, the watch idea derived into watch straps.  It was a smaller project and easier to handle. So I thought! You guessed it, I didn’t work out either! 

Serendipity moment #2: After a conversation with a university friend, it hit me. Why not use the materials from the straps and do beach bags? Wow, was I in for a ride. Months of developing (shitty) prototypes, and Anatoli and Alice can confirm it, let me understand this idea needed something else.  
Serendipity moment #3: Andrea changed everything. She told me about this bag design she had done, but most importantly, she made me realize design and sustainability can go hand in hand.  Oh and I can’t forget Paula!  She is the reason we have a product and we can call ourselves truly sustainable.  You never know how far walking your dog can take you. 
And many months later, after many lunches, coffees, beers, endless meetings FUKUROSHIKI was born. Officially launched the fifth of June of 2021, by the way, on world sustainability day.  Talk about Serendipity!